2022 County-Wide Races

Below is a list of all candidates who have qualified to be on the Republican Primary for county-wide races.  For a full list of everyone who has picked up a petition (but not yet qualified), please go to the Blount County Election Commission website by clicking on the link below:

Circuit Court Clerk


1) Tom Hatcher


Circuit Court Judge

District 1:

1)  Tammy Harrington

District 2:


1) Nick Black

County Clerk

1) Gaye Hasty

County Mayor

1)  Ed Mitchell

District Attorney

1)  Ryan Desmond

General Sessions Court Judge

Division 1:

1)  Mike Gallegos

Division 2:

Division 3:

1)  William R. Brewer, Jr.

Division 4:

1)  Robert L. Headrick

Highway Superintendent

1) Jeff Headrick


Property Assessor

1) Todd Orr

2) Allen Latham

Public Defender

1) Mack Garner

Registrar of Deeds


1) Phyllis Crisp



1)  James Lee Berrong


1)  Scott Graves