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About Us

  • Localization of Government:

    • Advocates for a decentralized approach to governance, empowering local communities to make decisions that directly impact their residents.

  • Free Enterprise:

    • Favors a market-driven economy with minimal government intervention, promoting business growth and individual entrepreneurship.

  • Preservation of Local History:

    • Values the preservation of local heritage and history, recognizing the importance of cultural identity and traditions.

  • Advocacy for the People:

    • Prioritizes the interests and well-being of the community members, working towards policies that benefit the local population.

  • Equal Rights under the Law:

    • Upholds the principle of equal rights and opportunities for all citizens, irrespective of background, race, or any other factor.

  • Strong National Defense:

    • Supports a robust national defense strategy to ensure the security and safety of the nation and its citizens.

  • Limited Government:

    • Favors a government with restricted powers, emphasizing individual liberties and limiting unnecessary interference in private affairs.

  • Fiscal Responsibility:

    • Advocates for responsible management of public finances, aiming to balance budgets and reduce wasteful spending.

  • Rights of the Individuals:

    • Prioritizes the protection of individual rights, including freedom of speech, religion, and other fundamental liberties.

  • Conservation of Principles:

    • Emphasizes the importance of conserving the core values and principles that the party founders have stood for over 150 years.


These reflects the historical Republican philosophy of the Blount County Republican Party in East Tennessee.

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